Being Comfortable with Aloneness

This week is UNC’s spring break. It started off great! We beat Dook (again) and rushed Franklin for the second time this year. Since I was the last one to leave, I spent all of Saturday morning blasting One Direction and cleaning my house. It was a couple of hours of therapeutic scrubbing. Saturday afternoon, […]

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What’s Important to You?

One of our first days of my Branding of Me class, my professor talked about remembering to live life. Getting caught up in the day-to-day meant we didn’t truly think about what mattered to us. I found this so vague. How am I supposed to know what matters to me? I value my friends, my […]

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Revisiting the Magic

I went home this past weekend to spend some time with my family (and because Clean is much closer to my house. Who wants to drive from Chapel Hill to Raleigh at 8:00 in the morning?!) In the middle of all the bootcamp craziness (still can’t believe that was a real experience), getting through my […]

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A Taste of Agency Life

I feel like I’ve blabbered about random things a lot in my last couple of blog posts. I’m pretty sure you’ve all forgotten that I’m a PR student constantly on the lookout for some enriching professional experiences. But fear not! The last two days have been a wild ride of professional enrichment and more than […]

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The False Spring Has Arrived!

As I write this, it is currently 79 degrees in Chapel Hill, NC. I actually pulled out a dress I haven’t worn in months and went to class WITHOUT A JACKET. For anyone who knows me, I hate the cold. It’s the absolute worst. Any time the weather dips below 50, I’m out in a […]

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