Getting Closer to the End

We made it! Today is April 26th, better known on UNC’s campus as LDOC. After a junior year full of ups and downs, we reached the end. I think it went by much too quickly. In two weeks, I’ll be saying goodbye to some close friends, watching as they scatter across the country to start their first full-time jobs and be “real adults.” It’s a bittersweet feeling, watching them go. I’m glad they get to start this next step in their lives. But this means we have to take their place.

Today, I’m acutely aware of just how close I am to my own graduation. I know we still have another year, but this one went by so fast; before we know it, May 2020 will be right around the corner and we’ll be standing there in our gowns and tassels, ready to step out into the world. Or will we?

I don’t feel ready. I’m not ready to say goodbye, I’m not ready for all the “lasts” that next year will bring. Carolina has given me some of the best memories and friends of my life. I’m not sure what my future looks like away from the safety of higher education and I’m not sure I want to. My one saving grace is that every senior I know seems ready to graduate. So hopefully even though next year seems busy and lightning fast, by the end I’ll be ready to say goodbye to this place that means so much and look to the future with nothing but excitement.

But for now, I’m going to enjoy LDOC festivities, survive finals and take advantage of what could potentially be my last summer break. And come August, I’m going to cherish every moment I get on this campus.

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