So no Russia. Now what?

The voice of Thomas Jefferson: Can we get back to politics please? (Every action… just kidding, I’m not going launch into the entire Hamilton discography). I realized that in my first post I had mentioned that I’d talk about politics and how utterly ridiculous it all was and I haven’t! Not that nothing’s happened, I just like writing about happier topics. The past two years has just been a never-ending carousel of Onion article titles, except actually happening in real life. We’ve gotten so desensitized to everything happening in Washington D.C., we don’t bat an eyelid. However, once in a while, something comes around that gives us pause. We got a real doozy this week; namely, the release (finally!) of Robert Mueller’s report. The moment every American who didn’t vote for Trump was waiting for.

Did the Trump campaign collude with Russia? Was there enough evidence for impeachment? Did Trump obstruct justice when he tried to deter the investigation? What happens now?

The theories ranged from debating a President Pence administration to who would play Robert Mueller in his biopic? We were all so excited for this surreal experience to end. At long last, proof that Trump was guilty and his nightmare was over.

Except he isn’t.

In perhaps the most anti-climatic unveiling ever, the report stated that there was no evidence that the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to win the election. Sure, articles will keep coming out about how William Barr only submitted a four-page summary or how the report didn’t exonerate Trump from the obstruction of justice charge. However, we need to stop thinking about the report. We pinned all our hopes on it and they’re now gone. All the political turmoil that accompanied the creation and publication of the report has led to this moment and we can’t do anything to change it. Want to know what we can do?

VOTE. Sure we have two more years until we can elect President Trump out of office but it’s time to stop putting our hopes in other people’s hands and try to make a change for ourselves. So go vote, register people to vote, if you live in a blue area, go help your sister areas. And this isn’t just about the presidential election; every Senate seat, every House seat, every county seat in every state in the country is important. They cannot be overlooked if we have any chance of creating the inclusive country we strive for.

So the Mueller report didn’t go our way. Let’s stop complaining and do something about it, shall we?

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