Last Day of The Personal Growth Solo Trip

After yesterday’s tardiness, I woke up early to catch a bus to Miami Beach. I ate my leftover bagel from JP’s and started my day without coffee (gasp!). The bus arrived 20 minutes later than the scheduled time (thanks Broward County) and it took me two hours with a transfer to get to Miami Beach. Ah traffic. It was completely worth it.

The water was so blue and so light, I could see the sea floor several feet in. The pristine white sand that every famous beach has was so soft and so warm, I had to force myself to leave so I could get on with my day. Ocean Drive was teeming with less spring breakers and more elderly couples than expected. This could have been due to the police cruisers posted at practically every intersection. Never have I seen more reined-in, supervised partying than in Miami Beach. I walked around a little more; people-watching and city-watching before I boarded a bus that simply said it was heading to downtown Miami. This part of my day really had no plan, I just knew I had to be inside. The sun (and my thin-strapped backpack) was starting to weigh on me.

The bus ended up breaking down right by the Frost Museum and I decided to give it a try. The museum was more like an aquarium and planetarium with a few tactile interactions thrown in for children. It was still exactly what I needed. I was starting to lose energy, I just wanted to be in my bed hanging out with my sister or my friends. I was tired of spending all day by myself and only being able to talk to strangers. But being by that aquarium was cathartic. It slowed down time.

It made me realize I didn’t have to do everything for this to be a successful trip. Every thing I did, just by virtue of doing it alone, was a step ahead. Looking back, this entire trip has been like that. The radio would play a certain song, the waiter would serve me a certain dish and it would be exactly what I needed in that moment. Everything about this trip, even the mundane things, even the regrets, has been transformative. I wouldn’t say I’ve magically become comfortable with being alone but it’s a slow process I’ve started working on. I think I still prefer being with people. Would I do a solo trip again though? In a heartbeat.

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