Day 3 of The Personal Growth Solo Trip

Ah, the first beach-less solo day. Waking up, I realized I was sunburnt. Extremely sunburnt. I somehow didn’t notice it yesterday but it had set in overnight and putting on clothes was excruciating. Anyway, I woke up (a tad late) and rushed to get ready. I failed at finding a brunch place I could walk to, and instead decided to splurge on a $2 Uber to JP’s Bagel Place. I got a three egg veggie omelette and coffee which came with aside of home fries AND a bagel (what??) all for $7. I then hopped in another Uber to go to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens.

My biggest realization today was that Miami traffic is HORRENDOUS. There was no way to create an itinerary that didn’t involve at least 30 minutes of travel between each destination, and that was only if traffic moved quickly. After spending an hour and a half in the car (for 17 miles!) I finally arrived at Vizcaya. James Deering’s summer home was fabulous. As one of America’s wealthiest men, Deering spared no expense in building and decorating his home and garden. He transported entire rooms from villas and castles across Europe to make Vizcaya seem older than it actually was. It’s the kind of extra I aspire to be. After walking around, marveling at the eccentricities of the uber-rich, I took to Metrorail to downtown Miami; not much to see there, just a bunch of office people and office buildings.

I eventually ended up at the Wynwood Walls, Miami’s collection of street art. The walls span six warehouses and includes artists from everywhere who worked in every style. The detail and delicacy of the murals took my breath away. The sheer size of the walls made me incredulous. How could anyone envision something so big and then create it in less than two days (according to a tour guide I overheard)?! By the end of this, my phone was dying and so was my energy so I decided to call it a day.

The Uber on my way home was time for my daily Human Contact. My Pool had another solo spring breaker, this one from Boston. We talked almost the entire hour-long ride home; everything from politics to parents to academics. I think I’ve made a new friend!

After coming home, I walked to downtown Hollywood for some dinner and collapsed on my bed. Overall, a pretty fulfilling day. I wish I’d seen a little more, but Miami traffic is draining and I was not prepared but tomorrow is a new day! Hopefully, I check everything off my to-do list on my last day in the Sunshine State! Stay tuned.

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