Day 2 of The Personal Growth Solo Trip

Today was my first full day completely alone! I could do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. I wasn’t running on anyone else’s schedule, I wasn’t trying to make sure that other people were having fun, I was allowed to just be. And fear not, I definitely got some human contact, I didn’t turn into a hermit.

I spent all of today at the beach. Woke up at a leisurely pace (no alarm!) and enjoyed some coffee with quality Jonas Brothers/James Corden content. And then I called the Uber Pool to go to the beach!

Walking through all the families and spring breakers was strange. I was extremely self-conscious about wading through all the groups alone. Especially when I set my towel down to lay in the sun and do a little reading, I felt as though people were looking at the weird girl all by herself and judging. But the longer I lay there, the more comfortable I became. The beach and the sun has a way of making insecurities roll off you. I made the most of my day; got some mediocre pizza, some amazing ice cream. And my human contact for the day was the mom-daughter duo I ran into at the ice cream parlor who were visiting the area from Toronto. We spent about 10 minutes talking about the city and the weather and I left feeling rejuvenated.

So, while I didn’t do too much, I guess my takeaway from today is that 10 minutes of human contact is really all I need to reset myself…especially if I’ve spent the rest of the day breathing in some salty air and reveling in the sea breeze.

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