Getting Closer to the End

We made it! Today is April 26th, better known on UNC’s campus as LDOC. After a junior year full of ups and downs, we reached the end. I think it went by much too quickly. In two weeks, I’ll be saying goodbye to some close friends, watching as they scatter across the country to start […]

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Channeling My Inner Child

Books and movies appeal to people of all ages. Every generation has a series that defined their childhood. For me, it was Harry Potter. I started reading it at nine and got the seventh book as a tenth birthday present two days after it was released. My series of books, and later movies, have travelled […]

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Hope for a Faster Government

Why does the American government choose not to learn from our mistakes? I could be referring to any thing but today, I’m specifically talking about gun control. Or lack thereof. If you’re wondering if it was another mass shooting that led me to this topic, thankfully you’d be wrong. At least today, that’s not the […]

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Leader or Friend?

I’ve worked at Carolina Performing Arts my entire college career. I’ve spent countless hours in Memorial Hall as an usher, making sure that patrons have the best experience possible at every performance they attend. As the company has grown and added new venues, I’ve grown too, from usher to manager. I love every part of […]

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The End of an Era

With the Season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones just a week away, the internet is rife with speculations about what will happen to our favorite characters. From Cersei to Arya to Grey Worm, fans have been eagerly waiting to see who will win the Game of Thrones. So I thought I’d share my thoughts […]

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The Impact of Our Voices

Living in the bubble of Chapel Hill, the Silent Sam controversy engulfed us all this year. We live and study in such a polarized state that it’s difficult to comprehend the fact that there are people outside of this little bubble that support us. Sometimes its good to get the reminder that there is good […]

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So no Russia. Now what?

The voice of Thomas Jefferson: Can we get back to politics please? (Every action… just kidding, I’m not going launch into the entire Hamilton discography). I realized that in my first post I had mentioned that I’d talk about politics and how utterly ridiculous it all was and I haven’t! Not that nothing’s happened, I […]

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Femininity Can Also Be Strength

Like most people in America, my roommates and I are on the Game of Thrones binge, desperately rewatching every episode in preparation for the season premiere. I’ve watched it all and I know exactly what happens but that doesn’t stop me from feeling all the emotions I felt the first time around. Unfortunately, this also […]

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